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Data Shown for IN
Sighting Date:  4/2/2012
Name:  curt  brazel E-Mail:
Address:  3913w 272s
City:  morocco   State:  IN Postal Code: 47963
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  farm ground next to willow slough
Weather Conditions:  clear mild
Comments:  breeding pair came mid morning to scout house
Sighting Date:  3/29/2012
Name:  mary  glass E-Mail:
City:  Vincennes   State:  IN Postal Code: 47591
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  In between Evansville and Terre Haute in
Weather Conditions:  sunny, warm, windy
Comments:  spotted first martin 3:30 pm
Sighting Date:  3/29/2012
Name:  Allan  Crowe E-Mail:
City:  Indianapolis   State:  IN Postal Code: 46237
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  South Marion county close to Johnson county
Weather Conditions:  66 degrees
Comments:  One male scout flew around for a while, I opened one apartment ( because of sparrows ) he came back and spent the night, he's still here !!!
Sighting Date:  3/28/2012
Name:  Jeff   Hill E-Mail:
City:  Brooksburg   State:  IN Postal Code: 47250
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  Three, six hole houses,eight gourds. Three females (possibly young males), and one mature male.
Weather Conditions:  Partly cloudy 65 degrees.
Comments:  we usually have about 50 birds by July and this is rather early for scouts to show up.
Sighting Date:  3/27/2012
Name:  Joan  Armstrong E-Mail:
City:  Patriot   State:  IN Postal Code: 47038
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  We live in southern Indiana about 2 miles from the Ohio River between Cincinnati Oh & Louisville KY
Weather Conditions:  Has been very warm
Comments:  usually they arrive before this time of year. It has been very warm I will say they were scouts because we only saw 4 they stayed around about 3 days and now they are gone hopefully to bring the rest in We have been housing the Martins for about 10 years now and enjoy them so very much
Sighting Date:  3/21/2012
Name:  Lindsay   Farley E-Mail:
Address:  9330 Zionsville Road
City:  Indianapolis   State:  IN Postal Code: 46268
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  3 Purple Martin Scounts, 2 adult males and 1 young male. All 3 males were at the purple martin house.
Weather Conditions:  79 degrees, sunny
Comments:  Isnt this a little early??
Sighting Date:  3/17/2012
Name:  Greg  Buxton E-Mail:
City:  boonville   State:  IN Postal Code: 47601
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  13 miles NE of Evansville in SW Indiana
Weather Conditions:  partly cloudy 59 degrees
Comments:  one male scout checking things out in early AM