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Data Shown for AR
Sighting Date:  4/6/2012
Name:  Donald  Howard E-Mail:
City:  Batesville   State:  AR Postal Code: 72501
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  I live in town
Weather Conditions:  today it was 67 degrees sunny
Comments:  I'm new at this but love to martin watch. started last year with 3 -- 12 room houses had lots of martins to come an go none to stay, But today they have stayed almost all day hope me luck. [PS It is good Friday]
Sighting Date:  3/29/2012
Name:  Pam  Underdown E-Mail:
Address:  1661 CR 933
City:  Alpena   State:  AR Postal Code: 72611
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  23 miles west/north west of Harrison AR and 65 miles east of Fayettville AR.
Weather Conditions:  Unusually warm and sunny for the month of March.
Comments:  I was surprised to see Martins this morning. I wasn't expecting them for another 2 to 3 weeks at least.
Sighting Date:  3/21/2012
Name:  Randy  Laney E-Mail:
Address:  14063 Williams Road
City:  Farmington   State:  AR Postal Code: 72730
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  Rural setting with two multiple year houses. Had one male scout in evening.
Weather Conditions:  Temporary lull in a week of rain.
Comments:  am concerned because of last years heat the hatch was not good.
Sighting Date:  3/17/2012
Name:  Richard H  Burns E-Mail:
Address:  2006 Rosewood St
City:  Pocahontas   State:  AR Postal Code: 72455
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  Edge of Ozarks in Northeast Arkansas about 20 miles below Missouri state line. Town of Pocahontas where the flat, bottom lands meet the foothills of the Ozarks Plateau.
Weather Conditions:  Fair, moist, 70s and low 80s of early, warm almost Springtime.
Comments:  .
Sighting Date:  3/14/2012
Name:  Jerry  Dillard E-Mail:
City:  Rosston   State:  AR Postal Code: 71858
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  South Nevada co. Arklansas
Weather Conditions:  Partly cloudy
Comments:  Two birds in and out of houses
Sighting Date:  3/13/2012
Name:  Jerry  Dillard E-Mail:
Address:  2488 hwy 53
City:  Rosston   State:  AR Postal Code: 71858
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  Southern Nevada county Arkansas
Weather Conditions:  Partly cloudy
Comments:  Appx. 3'o clock Tuesday afternoon one scout was observed flying around the three houses at my home in Bodcaw, Nevada co, Arkansas
Sighting Date:  3/12/2012
Name:  David  Haughenbury Sr E-Mail:
Address:  176 Gary Street
City:  Clinton   State:  AR Postal Code: 72031
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  In the city of Clinton , AR in a valley surrounded by small mountains and 1/4 mile from a river and very near Greers Ferry Lake.
Weather Conditions:  Sunny and 72 degrees
Comments:  My first three adult males arrived and went directly to the nest boxes they used last year.
Sighting Date:  3/2/2012
Name:  Ray  Weaver E-Mail:
City:  Proctor   State:  AR Postal Code: 72376
Latitude:  35 Longitude:  90
Locale Features:  2 adults arrived
Weather Conditions:  78 and winds at 20 mph
Comments:  Last year we had 16 pairs
Sighting Date:  2/22/2012
Name:  Johnny   Brown E-Mail:  JB757@SBCGLOBAL.NET
Address:  1415 Chester Lane
City:  West Memphis   State:  AR Postal Code: 72301
Latitude:  35.14 N Longitude:  90.23 W
Locale Features:  Residential backyard with houses & gourds
Weather Conditions:  Cloudy with temp in mid 60's
Comments:  Two adult males came back home
Sighting Date:  2/20/2012
Name:  Clark  Norman E-Mail:
Address:  700 South Washington
City:  El Dorado   State:  AR Postal Code: 71730
Latitude:  33.23 Longitude:  92.8
Locale Features:  Small lumber business parking lot. We have 4 houses. Martins always arrive in February. At least 3 martins sighted.
Weather Conditions:  Clear and sunshine.
Comments:  We have 4 Nature House houses.
Sighting Date:  2/18/2012
Name:  Harry & Mandy  Orr E-Mail:
Address:  121 Houseboat Cove
City:  Calion   State:  AR Postal Code: 71724
Latitude:  Longitude: 
Locale Features:  On the banks of the Ouachita River
Weather Conditions:  Raining...Temperatures in the low 40s...
Comments:  Mid Morning --Sat. Feb. male scout